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Suggestions I’ve gotten…

Alec I recommend using 200-300 pts characters, with a disad limit of maybe -75 or -100.

Also, templates, templates, templates. Psionics can be totally unbalancing if built separately by different people. If you can come up with maybe six or seven basic templates built with an eye for balance, I think it’d give players the restrictions necessary to a balanced, well-rounded party, hopefully with the flexibility necessary for interesting individuals as characters. Maybe 150 to 200 points in the “psychic” template (mostly advantages related to a power), then 25 to 50 points for Psi-Ops Cadet (patron, duty, a bunch of required skills), then 25, 50, or whatever you deem appropriate as free points for anything the player wants.

Psychic templates I can think of: telekinetic, pyrokinetic, mind-reader, illusionist, future-seer (tough to GM around), psychic healer, animal/plant/machine empath, luck-manipulator (maybe hard to balance), super-fast person.

Another way to help balance things is to make some of the more powerful abilities universal to the cadets—like every cadet has a baseline level of telekinesis and luck, in addition to their specialties.

me Thank you, Alec. You’re a helper :)

Well, I think it might work out OK if I basically copied what you did for THS:

Ask people whose schedules verifiably “work” to be in the game what type of psychic they want to play, have them communicate so that there’s diversity rather than overlap… and then make most of their character, with a few options, and with your recommended 25 – 50 “free points.”

We’ll see if there’s something relatively small (point-wise) that everyone wants to be able to do… if everyone wants to have some basic TK, or a level or two of luck, then we’ll go with it.

I’d also definitely like your assistance when it comes to actually building these characters. I want to get some help from Dan, but I also want to be able to get your input, since I’d ideally like Dan to play, and we’ve all seen what happens when Dan’s psychic is the broken-est… Deirdre shoots Chad in the eye.

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